General Comments

There are no issues that require Board attention. Developer activity has increased for FOP and XGC, and has remained rather low for Batik.

XML Graphics Commons

Developer activity has gone up again. The framework for color handling was extended.


There have been practically no changes to the codebase in the last three months. Jeremias has been accepted as a committer to the Batik subproject. Questions on the user list are mostly getting answers. Gump builds currently fail because Batik still depends on com.sun classes for JPEG encoding. This is expected to be resolved soon by adding XGC as a dependency tor Batik (and thereby reducing code redundancy between the two subprojects).


Developer activity has gone up again. Nevertheless, the active committers are not able to handle all incoming patches. The quality of the code base is now being checked more consistently using findbugs and checkstyle.

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