No new committers or PMC member this quarter

Moving to CMS based websites

The switch took place on the 26th November, which was about 3 weeks after our original planned date. During December, the committers made a number of tweaks to fix minor issues, such as broken links etc. Most major issues are resolved now.

Switching from Bugzilla to Jira

Infra completed the import of Bugzilla issues into Jira on the 6th December. The XML Graphic Teams and contributors have been using it successfully ever since.


A number of patches have been processed and several bugs fixed. The most significant is the re-working of the column balancing algorithm so that it works for more than 2 columns. There have also been some changes to improve the performance of the Complex Scripts feature.

XML Graphics Commons

4 bugs resolved, including adding support for Little Endian TIFF generation


No commits to SVN this quarter. A handful of new bugs have been reported by users via JIRA

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