The Apache XML Graphics Project is responsible for software intended for the creation & maintenance of the conversion of XML formats to graphical output & related software components.

Issues for the Board

No issues at present.


Last new committer: Simon Steiner on 2014/04/11

Last new PMC member: Luis Bernardo on 2013/03/04


0 commits to SVN this quarter.

There were no releases this quarter

The latest release is 2.0 (3 October 2014)


19 separate commits to SVN. These are mostly bug fixes (including a couple of patches from the community); but also includes the completion of the fo:float feature by Luis Bernardo. This is a major milestone for the FOP project as it represents the implementation of one of the last remaining significant XSL-FO features. The next release (planned to be 2.0) is currently dependent on the completion of the release of the Batik sub project.

The FOP User list has a slow but steady stream of questions being raised and answered; 75 e-mails in total.

There were no releases this quarter

The latest release is 1.1 (20 October 2012)


49 separate commits to SVN. This breaks down into some feature development for Complex Script support, and some bug fixing in preparation for the release. There were some discussions about starting the release, but the Complex Script development is still in progress. The decision is to wait for this to be completed. The mailing lists are fairly quiet, with only 8 e-mails to the users list this quarter.

There were no releases this quarter.

The latest version is 1.7 (6 January 2008)

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