General Comments

The project has voted to migrate to SVN after the Batik 1.6 release. We'll do this quite soon now. This will finally let us create the space for commonly used components between FOP and Batik.

We've been talking to the Cocoon PMC about Mozilla's Rhino package (which Batik uses and distributes). There's some confusion concerning the licence(s). So far, this is still a pending issue.


Batik released version 1.6. The main improvements, as indicated in the last report, are SVG 1.2 support and massive speed improvements on MacOSX. Besides that there were lots of bugfixes and improvements.


No releases.

We've rewritten the whole page-breaking mechanism which allows us to finally implement the long-missing keep properties among other things. It's a very difficult matter (especially around tables) but there's pretty good progress.

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