I've organized some changes to the PMC Membership to remove 2 emeritus members and invited 2 new more active members. A new source code component has also been submitted to the XML Graphics umbrella too: pdf-plugin, which was kindly granted to Apache by Jeremias Maerki. This will make it easier for committers to maintain. Previously committers had been sending patches around between themselves and this was becoming unmanagable.

Brand Compliance

The contents of the FOP, Commons and TLP sites have been reviewed and adjusted to meet brand compliance. The Batik site has yet to be reviewed, but I hope we can get to that soon. The FOP site has been republished, but the Commons and the TLP site are awaiting re-publishing.

Moving to CMS based websites

We have started the process of figuring out how we can move to markdown and use a CMS based publishing approach instead of the painful forrest based approach we are currently using. Clay Leeds has made excellent progress on prototyping the new approach, but we have a lot of work still to do to get fully switched over to a CMS based website.

Transitioning from Bugzilla to JIRA

A vote has been passed to transition all of XML Graphics' Bugzilla products to JIRA for bug and issue management. Glenn Adams has volunteered to oversee this process.


One new very active committer: Glenn Adams. Since becoming a committer Glenn has processed a lot of patches that have been sitting around for a long time and cleaned up a lot of the bugs in preparation for doing a 1.1 release. There have been bug fixes and enhancements committed too, the most significant are: Complex Scripts Support, e.g., Arabic, Devanagari, Thai, etc., (Glenn Adams) and Compressed Objects Streams for PDF (Vincent Hennebert, Peter Hancock). There have also been a few technical discussions on the developer lists and many questions asked and answered on the user list.


There doesn't appear to be any active committers on this sub project at the moment. No commits were made and there has been no activity on the developer list. However, there were a few questions raised by users on the user list.


A few commits this quarter, which includes some bugs fixed plus the changes needed by Brand Compliance.

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