Board Report

The Apache XML Graphics Project is responsible for software intended for the creation
& maintenance of the conversion of XML formats to graphical output & related software components.

Issues for the Board

No issues at present.


Last new committer: Simon Steiner on 11/04/14

Last new PMC member: Luis Bernardo on 04/03/13


23 separate commits to SVN, of which 22 were related to updating the check style policy to be inline with the FOP project and only 1 commit was a bug fix.

There were no releases this quarter.

The latest release is 1.5 (20 October 2012)


199 e-mails on fop-user mailing list this quarter; plenty of questions asked by users and answered by committers. Some new bugs logged and several patches have been submitted and processed. 31 separate commits in total to SVN. A vote to merge the finished whitespace management extension into trunk passed in the last few days. A branch of code that re-worked the way fonts work in the FOP and Batik integration layer has also been merged into trunk.

There were no releases this quarter

The latest release is 1.1 (20 October 2012)


Mailing list activity remains light; 24 e-mails to the user list this quarter. A few bugs have been reported in JIRA. There were 5 commits made by PMC members during this quarter; 3 of which were community supplied patches being processed.

There were no releases this quarter.

The latest version is 1.7 (6 January 2008)

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