One new committer; Luis Bernardo

Moving to CMS based websites

Further progress has been made on the prototye CMS Website and we are now satisfied that it is ready to go live. There are still a few minor issues outstanding but we have decided to make them as we go along rather than trying to get everything perfect before the switch during which time we are maintaining 2 websites. Our current planned go live date is 7th November.

Switching from Bugzilla to Jira

Infra have reported that it is a big challenge for them to import the bugzilla bugs into Jira as the import process will bring all 50K Bugzilla Users into Jira. Infra have identified a workaround but that will take a long time and it isn't known when they will be able to fit that into their work schedule.


The team has released FOP v1.1, which is a significant achievement as it represents 2 years of bug fixes and new enhancements some of which are very large such as Complex Script Support.

There have been several bug fixes and enhancements since the last board report and the 1.1 branch was created. The most notable are; Table marker support, PDF/A-2 support and an implementation of rounded corners.

XML Graphics Commons

1 new release; v1.5 synchornized to the FOP v1.1 release.

There were over 40 commits this quarter. A lot of them were related to the 1.5 release, but there were a few bug fixes too, e.g. Bugzilla 49516


11 commits were made to SVN to fix a few bugs, this includes processing a contributor patch from Bugzilla 42395

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