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Back to [FOPProjectPages] ---- h1. FOP's Batik transcoders The FOP projects provides the following transcoders (output format support for Batik): * PDF Transcoder * \{ { \{ [PostScript] \} } \} Transcoder * EPS Transcoder (planned) \\ The source code can be found in HEAD of FOP's CVS module. h2. Release plan The PDF transcoder is almost ready to be released. The \{ { \{ [PostScript] \} } \} transcoder has only recently been setup and isn't ready, yet. h3. Task list for the release * (open, JM) Add a special JAR to the build process that contains all dependencies (ex. Avalon Framework classes) * (open) Tag CVS * (open) Check and update documentation * (open) Make sure the transcoders are advertised on the Batik site \\ h2. Development notes h3. General tasks * (open) Build a good environment for testing. * (open) The package structure may need to be reworked. The PDF transcoder is in org.apache.fop.svg, the PS transcoder in \\ h3. PDF transcoder h4. Tasks * type 1 PDF patterns don't work (blank output) \\ h3. \{ { \{ [PostScript] \} } \} transcoder h4. Tasks * Stroke widths are wrong, need fixing * Bitmap support \\ h3. EPS transcoder Will be based on the \{ { \{ [PostScript] \} } \} transcoder.
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