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Resolved Issues

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Unresolved Issues

Checkstyle version

Current (at 2003/07/09) version of Eclipse Checkstyle plugin is 3.1.1. Checkstyle is at 3.x. The change to 3.x brought a change in confiuration file format to XML. It seems that most committers who have use Checkstyle in the past were using, and are still using, pre 3.x versions. I suspect that the new versions support more style options, and that after upgrading, we may wish to refine certain options (e.g. the newline on wrap option for opening curly braces.) (pbw)

Thanks, Peter, for raising this issue, as it does need to be documented. The checkstyle plugin for JBuilder is not compatible with checkstyle 3.x. I have assumed that for now our "official" checkstyle is 2.4. Do you (or anyone else) object to documenting it that way? We can have a config file in 3.x that matches our current standards, for those who wish to use 3.x instead. Then, at whatever point our need for 3.x features is strong, we can just switch to that. I am not familiar with the specific refinement you mention. To what specific module and property(s) are you referring? (wvm)

Proposal: Document 2.4 as the checkstyle version used by FOP. (wvm +1)

File encoding of Java source files

Proposal: Only ASCII characters should be used, other characters should be written as unicode escape sequence (\uxxxx) and avoided at all in comments (pij +1) (wvm +1)

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