User Requests & Most Wanted Features

Performance enhancements ?

  • With the current architecture, FOP uses quite some memory in certain situations, such as larger fo:page-sequences. A number of users have expressed the desire to see this changed.

XSL-FO compliance & features

  • table-layout="auto". It's the only feature I am missing, and makes me looking to commercial alternatives.
  • fo:footnotes in fo:tables and fo:list-blocks are not implemented yet. There is already a patch available here, that should be reviewed and preferably applied ASAP. (Patch was applied to FOP Trunk; for more info, see the Bugzilla report)
  • fo:floats are currently also unimplemented. Code branch has already been created during Google Summer of Code 2006, so not all is quiet on that front.
  • support for integer values for keep-together, keep-with-next and keep-with-previous (minimal support available; not a lot of user-feedback yet (no news = good news?))
  • support for XSL-FO 1.1 features, such as fo:change-bar-*, fo:retrieve-table-marker and "Formatting Objects for Indexing"


  • the table-continuation label extension has so far not been ported to 0.9x, which still keeps certain users from upgrading (the extension will probably never be ported; fo:retrieve-table-marker should cover this requirement, and more)

Output Formats

  • PCL 6 (PCL XL) support
  • No labels