This page discusses and proposes prepress features for Apache FOP.


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Basic rules

The simple-page-master's width and height properties shall define the TrimBox. If there is no bleed and crop mark area, the MediaBox will be equal to the TrimBox. In the PDF case, just the MediaBox is generated and the other values follow the defaulting rules of the PDF specification.



  • Value: <length>{1,4}
  • Default: 0pt

If there is only one value, it applies to all sides. If there are two values, the top and bottom bleed widths are set to the first value and the right and left bleed widths are set to the second. If there are three values, the top is set to the first value, the left and right are set to the second, and the bottom is set to the third. If there are four values, they apply to the top, right, bottom, and left, respectively. (Corresponds to

This extension indirectly defines the BleedBox and is calculated by expanding the TrimBox by the bleed widths. The lengths must be non-negative.


  • Value: <length>{1,4}
  • Default: 0pt

Same behaviour as with fox:bleed.

This extension indirectly defines the MediaBox and is calculated by expanding the TrimBox by the crop offsets. The lengths must be non-negative.


Alternative names due to the closeness to fox:crop-offset: crop-box-selector, crop-box-source, page-clip-area

  • Value: (trim-box|bleed-box|media-box)
  • Default: media-box

The crop box controls how Acrobat displays the page (CropBox in PDF) or how the Java2DRenderer sizes the output media. The PDF spec defines that the CropBox defaults to the MediaBox. This extension follows that definition. To simplify usage and cover most use cases, the three supported enumeration values "trim-box", "bleed-box" and "media-box" set the CropBox to one of those three other boxes.

If requested in the future, we could offer to specify the CropBox in absolute coordinates rather than just be referencing another box.


  • The PDF ArtBox is left out for now as we currently have no requirements in this area.
  • We define the MediaBox as the boundaries of the area in which the crop marks are located. The MediaBox could actually be bigger in some cases. At the moment, we don't support this case.

Further Ideas

  • Crop marks painting plug-ins (get a Graphics2D interface and some additional parameters and paint the crop marks as you like)
  • Imposition functionality (can already be emulated using intermediate format manipulation)
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