This page is intended as a "work in progress" type document which attempts to capture the medium term release planning / thinking. It does not describe the details of the release just in the making nor does it intend to capture the any "pie in the sky" stuff which is possibly years down the track. Its window size is probably between 6 and 12 months. The document takes a Feature centric view of the release planning process. It doesn't deal with design issues at all. This is left for other places. For examples supporting details on many mentioned incomplete or "to be implemented" features can be found under fop-dev], FOPProjectPages and DeveloperPages as well as by searching the [ mailing list and Bugzilla.

ATM, the planning focus is on the version 1.0.

Current Release

FOP 1.0 (July 2010)

Next Release


To support complex scripts and bidirectional text. To improve compliance with the XSL-FO Specification, minimize the time to render a document, and optimize memory usage.


FOP 1.1


Java compatibility

The next release is expected to be compatible with JDK 1.5 or later.

XSL-FO compliance

The release will improve compliance with the XSL-FO 1.{0,1} specifications with respect to international language support.

Output Formats

No change anticipated.


No change anticipated.


No change anticipated.


No change anticipated.


No change anticipated.

Java compatibility

No outstanding issues.

XSL-FO compliance

The following are expected to remain non-compliant:

  • fo:page-sequence-master - support for changing available BPD between pages in the same page-sequence
  • fo:table-and-caption
  • fo:table-caption
  • fo:float
  • fo:leader - leader-alignment, leader-pattern, leader-pattern-width, rule-style, rule-thickness
  • fo:external-graphic - support for b-p-d/i-p-d specifications
  • font-family - font family lists
  • font-weight - relative font-weights
  • space-before and space-after - space adjustment may not fully work everywhere
  • space-start and space-end
  • baseline-shift
  • line-stacking-strategy
  • border-collapse="collapse" including (border-...-precedence)
  • linefeed-treatment
  • white-space-treatment
  • text-align - complete implementation (??)
  • text-align-last - complete implementation (??)
  • wrap-option
  • keep-... - complete implementation (??)
  • overflow - complete implementation (??)
  • writing-mode - vertical modes
  • backgound properties - implement for fo:table-body/header/footer and fo:character
  • column-groups


The 1.1 release is expected to occur in the 2nd quarter of 2012.

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