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Apache Yoko: A Java CORBA Server


The Yoko project is a robust and high performance CORBA server which is usable from inside any JVM. It also contains a corba binding which uses the apache cxf engine to expose the corba application as web services. Also, to make this possible yoko provides two tools.

  • IDLToWSDL : Converts the IDL to a WSDL with the corba binding information.
  • WSDLToIDL : This convert WSDL to IDL and also adds the corba binding to the WSDL (if not present).


  • Document the Yoko core to make it much more easier to debug & maintain.
  • Stabilize the Yoko IDLToWSDL & WSDLToIDL tools.
  • Stabilize & improve the performance of the corba binding runtime.
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