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Zipkin is a community of mostly site owners. By that we mean end users who run Zipkin as a part of additional roles in their company. These documents are created by site owners, so that you can benefit from experience. While sites are all different, there are patterns and certainly it helps to know others' experience in real life.

Sites listed here use Zipkin technology in instrumentation, formats or backend. For example, some sites use tools like zipkin-php or zipkin-go to collect data, but export it to Google Stackdriver for analysis and visualization. Others use our data format in their tracing pipeline which gathers data from Zipkin tools, alternative or legacy internal ones. Some use Zipkin backends, but other agent technology, such as SkyWalking to gather it. By sharing real life setups, you can ideally understand the different approaches that coexist to solve the problem of tracing.


Ascend Money (TrueMoney)Ascend Money is an ASEAN regional FinTech organization. Its tracing team operates from Bangkok. - is part of the Expedia Group and is a website for booking hotel rooms online. It's tracing team operates from London.

Infostellar (StellarStation) - is a space communications infrastructure firm. Its tracing team operates from Tokyo.

LINE - LINE is an instant messaging platform. Its tracing team operates from Tokyo.

Medidata - Medidata is the largest provider of software for clinical trials.

Netflix - Netflix is a video streaming service. Its tracing team operates from the Silicon Valley.

SoundCloud - The world’s largest music and audio platform. Its tracing team operates from Berlin.

Typeform - Typeform is a SaaS for online form building and online surveys. Its tracing team operates from Barcelona.

Tyro - Tyro Payments is an Australian fintech focused on serving small-to-medium enterprises with innovative solutions. Its tracing team operates from Sydney.

Adding a new site

If you are a Zipkin site owner and want to share your setup. Please look at the Site Template. You may not have access to add a new wiki here, so contact someone on gitter if that's the case. Once you have your site document, please add it to the index in alphabetical order.

Historical note: we formerly cataloged sites in a google drive folder, but recognize google drive is not accessible everywhere, for example, in China. We've asked folks to re-create their content here so watch for updates.

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