Podling Shark Tank at ApacheCON NA CORE 2016

NOTE: for the podlings shark tank pitches you DO NOT have to submit via the regular CFP. Just record your willingness to present at the bottom of this page (if you need karma to do so ping us on general at incubator.apache.org)

The Podling Shark Tank event will take place as part of ApacheCON CORE NA 2016 in Vancouver: https://s.apache.org/acna2016_shark_tank

The idea here is to have interested folks present a very short pitch for the podlings (no more than 10 min). You don't have to be a developer, a PPMC or a mentor. You just have to be curious about the podling. You will be mercilessly booted of the stage at the end of your 10 minutes though.

For viewers of US TV think of it as pitching your idea to the "Shark Tank" panel. Only instead of Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran we've got even sharkier characters:

  • Jim Jagielski, the man who needs no introduction since we all know him for being one of the developers and co-founders of the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Shane Curcuru, a flame keeper of ASF Brand and Apache Way
  • Milind Bhandarkar, a Founder & CEO of Ampool Inc and a $$$ guy of the 3 (be nice to him and he may as well invest in your startup!)

All in all, this is meant to be fun, but informative way of making sure that as many ApacheCON attendees as possible are going to get a chance to find out more about your favorite podlings. Also, if think your community is close to graduation as a TLP consider this opportunity to pitch your graduation. I'm sure all of 3 judges will have plenty to say about that.

Finally, I'm currently working with sponsors to see if we can have prizes awarded for the best pitch. Unlike Shark Tank, we can not guarantee investment (but given the amount of VC $$$
floating around we can't preclude it either (wink)).

Please put your name in the following list and move a podling(s) of your choice from Unassigned category to your name.

If we ever get to a situation where we can NOT accommodate all the pitches we will first give priority to the podlings that are not represented elsewhere in the conference agenda. If we still can't accommodate all the earlier entries will be given a priority. Which means – please put your name on the list ASAP!

  • Geode: Fred Melo
  • MADlib: Greg Chase
  • S2Graph: Doyung Yoon
  • Streams: Steve Blackmon
  • Myriad: AdamB, Mohit Soni
  • Beam: Jean-Baptiste Onofré
  • Milagro: Brian Spector
  • Mnemonic: Yanping Wang
  • Unassigned: Apex, AsterixDB, Atlas, BatchEE, Blur, Climate Model Diagnostic, Analyzer, CommonsRDF, Concerted, DataFu, Eagle, Fineract, FreeMarker, Gearpump, Geode, Guacamole, HAWQ, HORN, HTrace, Impala, iota, Johnzon, Joshua, Kudu, log4cxx2, Metron, MRQL, Mynewt, ODF Toolkit, Omid, OpenAz, Quarks, Quickstep, Ranger, Rya, SAMOA, Singa, Sirona, Slider, SystemML, Tamaya, Taverna, Tephra, TinkerPop, Toree, Trafodion, Twill, Unomi, Wave, Zeppelin
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