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ApacheCon Europe 2012 Evening Events

A number of events will be taking place in the evenings around ApacheCon Europe 2012, of varying degrees of formality. We invite all projects taking part in ApacheCon Europe to organise things! Support is available to help you with securing a venue (see below), announcing the event (here + on the day), and possibly with some drinks too (but no promises just yet...).

If you are attending the event, and looking for what to do in the evenings, please check back here again soon one projects have announced their plans.

If you're a project who'll be at ApacheCon, please pick a suitable venue from the available ones below, book it, and then list your events below!

Monday 5th

After the Hackathon on the Monday, VMWare are kindly sponsoring a Committers and Hackathon Welcome reception! This is open to all Apache Committers, and all attendees of the Hackathon. To find out where to go, please head along to the Hackathon on the Monday, and we'll announce the plan late afternoon. (If you're coming late, we'll also post to committers@ a little before)

Tuesday 6th

On the Tuesday evening, straight after the last talk, we have a welcome reception! Kindly sponsored by Adobe, and supported by the ASF. This will feature drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks) and some pretzel snacks. It will start right after the talks end, and run until the evening community events kick off. There will be a key signing after the welcome reception, open to all but strongly recommended to anyone who's a release manager / might be one in future. Please see for details + signup.

codeBusters Cocoon, Lenya and Droids reception

Ristorante Pizzeria Bella Marmaris, 9 pm (30 - 50 people). codeBusters will cover part of the tap.

No community evening events are confirmed yet, check back soon

Wednesday 7th

Other community events are expected, check back soon check

Apache Women BoF

Encouraging women participation in ASF. This BoF hopes to find out and engage more female and more contributors in ASF. Please come join us!

We may meet, get to know each other first, and build our connections. We may also share the projects we involves, discuss the current situation of female participation and maybe future plan to encourage more female contributors into ASF. We may also have fun with beers, food, salad, girlish chats, etc.. Any idea or suggestion is welcome.

All female attendants are considered invited!

Register this event! (or at 0F Reception ask Mellissa)

You may contact me at

Community over Sinsheim

After 3 days of conference, a few committers want to have a relaxed dinner and chat. If you want to join us, please sign your name here:

There is room for every kind of discussion and non-committers are welcome.

*Reservation is 19.00 in*

Please be there in time and ask for the Apache Software Foundation

Thursday 8th

Nothing is confirmed yet, check back soon

Ideas, Proposals etc

(Coming soon)

Available Venues to Book

Sinsheim has a number of different venues available to host evening events, of varying sizes and styles. Projects are advised to check the list below, work out the best location for them, and then ring up and book to secure your space!

There are a number of venues in Sinsheim in the town center. Most are on / just off one of two streets, Bahnhofstraße and Hauptstraße. Bahnhofstrasse (Station Street) is the pedestrianised street which runs from the station north to Hauptstraße (Main Street), while Hauptstraße is the main East-West shopping street in town running. Venues are all along Bahnhofstraße, and on Hauptstraße from Hotel Bär west for around 200m.

In addition to all the city center venues, the Hotel Sinsheim also has a bar and some meeting spaces (paid for), and the Technical Museum also has spaces for events and meetups (paid for). These latter two are likely to be of most interest to projects where someone is Sponsoring the evening.

Venues on/around Bahnhofstraße



Phone Number




Space Available


Schmidt's - Im alten Bahnhof Sinsheim

Friedrichstr. 23 (at the Station)

+49 07261 9494500

9am - 12am

German, inside the old railway station!


Gasthause Linde

Bahnhofstraße 26

+49 7261 2565


10am - 12am


25 places private room, otherwise ~50

Eis-Cafe Roma

Bahnhofstraße 24

+49 7261/62157

9.30am - 10.30pm

Cafe / Ice Cream



Rutz - Bäckerei Konditorei Cafe

Bahnhofstrasse 18

+49 7261 4066974


Daytime only?




Cafe-Haus "Quints"

Bahnhofstraße 14-16

+49 7261 402991


9am - 12am

German, Cafe, Club

~30 (no special room)

Bistro Elgreco

Bahnhofstraße 6a

+49 7261 656591


Evenings only?




Keltic Tavern

Bahnhofstraße 4 - 6

+49 07261 / 9498484

4pm - 1am

Pub with food

~30 (no special room)


Alte Scheune

Burggasse 36

+49 7261 64091

11am - 1am

German + Pizza + Fingerfood


Fisherman Tom Restaurant

Burggasse 26

+49 7265 948 93 95

6pm - 11pm

Fish, gourmet



Bahnhofstraße 7

+49 7261 2751


Daytime only?

Cafe / Bakery



Chocolaterie Kaffeehäus

Hauptstraße 99

+49 7261 94 95 364

9am - 7pm

Cafe / Chocolatery



Venues on/around Hauptstraße



Phone Number




Space Available


Asia Wok Bistro

Hauptstraße 52

+49 7261/975413


Until 11pm




Krokodil Weinkeller (closed?)

Blaue Turmgasse 2

+49 7261 13753



Bar / Food



Megas Alexandros

Hauptstraße 93

+49 7261 3048


Until Late




Ciccios Pizza

Hauptstraße 94

+49 7261-970863


11am - 11pm




Hotel Bar

Hauptstraße 131

+49 7261 1580


Bar in a hotel



Pizza Pasta "Buongiorno italia restaurant"

Hauptstraße 127

+49 7261 3192

5pm - 12pm

guess what!



Ziegelgasse 2 (at Hauptstraße)

+49 7261-4071647

3pm - 12am

Wine bar

10? 20?


Ristorante Pizzeria Bella Marmaris

Hauptstraße 133

+49 7261 61543

5pm - 12am


80 places private room, otherwise ~50

Cafe Lounge - Neu Bei Piro?

Hauptstraße 119 (underneath Frieden)




Bar / Cafe



China Restaurant Frieden

Hauptstraße 119, 1st Floor

+49 7261 406828

5:30pm - 11:30pm


70 places

Ristaurante Pizzeria Jakova

Wilhelmstraße 15 (@ City Dome)

+49 7261 971242

5.30pm - 12am

Italian Restaurant + Bar

65 places

Yalcin Shisha Cafe

Karlsplatz 5

+49 7261 / 4063290





Bistro Zentrum

Hauptstraße 102







Eiscafe san marco

Rosengasse 5-7

+49 7261 / 88 20

10am - 8pm

Icecream + drinks



Formel 1 spielothek / dd lounge internet and music pub

Karlsplatz 8




Bar? Maybe?



Crazy Corner #5

Near-ish Eiscafe san marco




Local bar



Osteria il Giardino

Freitagsgasse 11

+49 7261 979765

6pm - 11pm, Monday closed


yes, 30 places for smokers

Near the Venue (South East Sinsheim / Steinsfurt)



Phone Number




Space Available


Brauhaus Jupiter

Keltergasse 21

+49 7261 975537

11:30am - 12am


60 places private room

Pizzeria Tavern

In der Au 6

+49 7261 63978

5:30pm - 11:30pm, Mondays closed

Italian, German



Neulandstr. 38

+49 7261 4813


Motoway Restaurant (lightbulb)

yes, flexible

Others Further (eg edge of Sinsheim, surrounding towns)



Phone Number




Space Available



Kurpfalzstraße 78

+49 7261 63440


opens at 5pm



Burg Steinsberg

Steinsberg 1

+49 7261 65266

12 am - 11pm

German, in medieval castle


Grüner Baum

Heilbronner Straße 34

+49 7261 94680

6pm - 10pm


25+55 places

Others Elsewhere

Gardens Bistro Friedrichstraße 16 +49 7261 1000 opens 5:30pm, Tuesday closed - Bistro yes, 30 places

Hotel Restaurant Ratsstube Karlsruher Str. 55 - 57, Dühren
+49 7261 9370 11am - 10pm "" German yes, 50+ places

La Trattoria Bergstraße 20, Hoffenheim
+49 7261 4053155 5pm - 12pm "" Italian yes, 30 places for smokers

Additional help / information

Stefan Seelmann and Christian Ohr may be able to help with translation / recommendations / German speaking bookings, ask on apachecon-discuss@ if you need their help!

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