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BarCamp unconferences, Apache style

  • The next BarCampApache will be at ApacheCon NA 2018 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Monday 24th September!* in room Viger B. (see it on the schedule)

This events was associated with ApacheCon NA 2018 - but everyone in Montreal is welcome!

So, what is a BarCamp?

BarCamps are "unconferences", where the schedules are not set in advance of the day, and everyone is welcomed (and encouraged!) to participate. The themes that draw everyone together are known and announced (more on that below), but the schedule is decided based on who turns up, what interesting ideas and topics they bring, and what exciting new things spring up during the course of the day!

Everyone is welcome to attend (but we do ask you register below, so we know how many to expect!). Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate, in whatever way they feel best able to. That might be proposing a session, it might be leading one, it might asking smart questions, it might be by blogging / tweeting / posting photos, it might be by helping out, or it might just be by telling others about it. However you can get involved, do!

And what is a BarCampApache? How is it different to a normal BarCamp? Do I have to bring a feather?

You don't have to bring a feather, and you don't have to sleep in a teepee! (We tried that once - fun, but very cold at night in November...)

A BarCampApache is a BarCamp being facilitated by a group of people involved in the Apache Software Foundation. All topics are still welcome however! Because of who are helping organise it, there will be a lot of people around who know a lot about Apache projects / communities / technologies, so there are normally quite a few sessions proposed on those areas. It's not exclusively Apache though, so everyone should come, and especially talk about other things too! We like to hear all about fun new ideas and projects and technologies (smile)

This BarCamp is being hosted alongside ApacheCon NA 2018, and will run the on 24th September, so one day before the main conference, BarCampApache will be a dynamic get together open to the public. Like other unconferences, the schedule will be determined by the participants, both Apache and non! We strongly encourage lots of people from Miami to come along and share their knowledge and ideas, we want it to be a great day of sharing for everyone, not just those at the event. Everyone coming in for the conference is encouraged to come early, it'll be a great day for all!

As usual, the event is free. We do ask that you sign up in advance though, details below, so we know how many to expect. On the day, come along for 10am and grab a name badge at the registration desk.

This is an ideal opportunity to seek out people of like mind. At a BarCamp, you can talk about anything you think people will be interested in, and it need not be Apache-specific. How about telling us about your favorite project, how to enjoy yourself in Seville, survival tips for one's first month on an ASF list, why you love your job, why you hate your job, etc. There will be plenty of space to break off and continue discussion with people of like mind.

Since BarCampApache follows on from the main conference, you might want to register for the conference as well. You may also want to consider attending the special events and the free MeetUps that will be held in the evenings after the main conference tracks.

Outline plan of the day

In commons with all BarCamps, we'll be deciding on the exact schedule on the day. So, it's all up to you! Here's the suggested framework. We will fill in the details at the start of play.

  • 9:30 set-up/get-in
  • 10:00 registration opens (say hello, make name badge, get swag/loot etc)
  • 15:00 - Go for a walkabout in the city, go for a coffee break or to a pub to continue the discussions!


The BarCamp is taking place at the ApacheCon NA 2018 Conference Venue, which is Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain.

On the day, we'll decide what goes where and when!

Time Slot

Big Room

9.30 am - 10:00 am

Welcome and Introduction to Barcamp - Jean-Frederic

10:00 am - 10:30 am


10:30 am - 11:00 am


11:00 am - 11:15 am


11:15 am - 11:45 am


11:45 am - 12:15 pm


12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Lunch Break

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


What to bring

  • Yourself!
  • Some ideas on what to talk on
  • Either a laptop or a tablet
  • Power supply for your internet device
  • A 4-way power strip is always popular with others, there are never enough sockets to go around...
  • If you intend to show anything, any mac/dvi/hdmi/etc adapters to VGA
  • A smile (smile)

What we need

If you're able to provide any of these, please strike it out and list your name

  • Projector for room 1
  • Projector for a twitter wall in the welcome space
  • Something to drive a twitter wall (Raspberry Pi perhaps?)
  • Coloured giant post-it notes, for populating the schedule grid
  • Flip-chart paper and rulers, for making up the schedule grid
  • Pens / paper / etc
  • Sticky labels for name badges
  • Camera, for taking photos of schedule grid / goings on


If you might be able to help out with the cost of the BarCamp (especially refreshments), please contact fundraising@apache.org for more details

Attendees - Register Yourself!

We ask that everyone planning to come signs them self up in the registration table below, so that we know how many people are coming, and can make sure we have suitable sized rooms available. This page is editable by anyone, so just hit the "Edit" link near the top of the page, scroll down to here and add yourself in!


Twitter / Apache ID

Any notes (including comments on topics you want to see discussed)


Daniel Ruggeri




















































































add more rows as needed



























If we have more than 75 sign-ups, please list yourself in the waiting list below. If we do hit 75, we'll need to check with the venue about a bigger room, but hopefully we can then promote the rest later!


Twitter / Apache ID

Any notes (including comments on topics you want to see discussed)


















  • Jean-Frederic Clere
  • Your name here!

So what is The Apache Software Foundation?

Established in 1999, The Apache Software Foundation provides organizational, legal, and financial support for a broad range of Open Source software projects, including Apache HTTP Server – the world's most popular Web server software for more than a decade. The Foundation provides an established framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that simultaneously limits contributors' potential legal exposure. Through a collaborative and meritocratic development process, Apache projects deliver enterprise-grade, freely available software products that attract large communities of users. The pragmatic Apache License makes it easy for all users, commercial and individual, to deploy Apache products.

For more information, please see https://www.apache.org/

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