No, not that kind of recreation! If you want that, go see the other pages on the wiki or just ramble around the tourist area. By recreation, I mean activities like running, biking, etc. As I said on RecreationNewOrleans, one of my favorite things to do in a city is to go for a run. So, I thought I would share opportunities for staying active while away on the road:


One of my favorite runs is to just go north from the hotel up along the water and through the various neighbourhoods. It's pretty tough to get lost because you always can follow the river back. Let's meet every morning at 07h30 in the lobby of the hotel and run for a while.

Also see:


Strangely enough, I'm an avid cyclist and the Dutch are bike crazy, but I've never actually biked in Amsterdam. I have seen several bike shops near the hotel, so I assume it is easy to get a rental, although those are likely for the tourists and may not be what a cyclist wants.

Rock Climbing

Yeah, Amsterdam even has an indoor gym: - I plan on going Sunday if anyone cares to join me, just drop me a line at gsingers@a.o


With all that water, I gotta believe you can somewhere. Might still be pretty cold, though.

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