The Social and Widgets Meetup is a free session colocated with, the meetup will take place on the evening of Thursday 5th November. It is an informal session for people interested in the various Apache projects engaged in this space, which include:


The program will be finalised on the night. If you have anything specific you would like to present (maximum 15 minutes) or discuss please add it here:

  • What is Wookie? - Ross Gardler

If you'd like to present a Lightning Talk (maximum 5 minutes, 10 slides or less) please add it here:

  • Status of SocialSite - Dave Johnson
  • Notes from Enterprise 2.0 OpenSocial panel (occurs day before this meet-up) - Dave Johnson
  • Overview of Caja - Jasvir Nagra

We'll also be accepting suggestions for topics on the night if there is enough time.

Suggested Topics

If you have something specific you would like to learn about at the MeetUp add it here:

  • How might Wookie be integrated with SocialSite? - Ross Gardler
  • What are "enterprise" widget requirements?
  • your interest here


ApacheConUS09 2-6 November 2009 (meetup is on the evening of the 5th) Oakland, CA


The meetup is sponsored by OSS Watch and LinkedIn


Please add your name here if you plan to attend.

  1. Ross Gardler
  2. Paul Lindner
  3. Dave Johnson
  4. Tim Moore
  5. Ate Douma
  6. Arje Cahn
  7. Josh Holtzman
  8. Oliver Heyer
  9. Chirag Shah
  10. Jasvir Nagra
  11. Your name here
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