ApacheCon and Apache Big Data Speaker Resources

Speaker resources for ApacheCon and Apache Big Data conferences.

ApacheCon Europe - Seville Nov 2016

Session / breakout room projectors (beamers) are 4:3 screen ratio, keynotes are 16:9.

A suggested speaker template in OpenOffice/LibreOffice format for your slides has been provided by JFClere.

Templates provided by the OpenOffice community may be found HERE and HERE.

Speaker templates in PowerPoint format (4:3 and 16:9) are available HERE, and include graphics/banners you can use as w ell.

Note that using these templates is suggested, but certainly not required; feel free to use your own templates. Session speakers are expected to run presentations from their own laptop. Session room projectors use .VGA?/HDMI?.

If you need help on anything speaker-related, contact Rich Bowen or Jillian Hall.

Official websites: Apache BigData Mon-Wed and ApacheCon Wed-Fri.

General Apache Speaker Resources

If at any point you have questions, or just want to hang out with other speakers, there are so many ways to stay in touch. Drop by #apachecon on the Freenode IRC network. And follow us on Twitter at @ApacheCon. And join the apachecon discuss mailing list by sending email to apachecon-discuss-subscribe@apache.org or reading the list archive.

The Community Development project has more general speaker resources as well as past slides examples.

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