Companies providing support for Apache Cassandra are not endorsed by the Apache Software Foundation, although some of these companies employ Committers to the Apache project.

Companies that employ Apache Cassandra Committers: Datastax, the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra™ offers products and services that make it easy for customers to build, deploy and operate elastically scalable and cloud-optimized applications and data services. DataStax has over 100 customers, including leaders such as Netflix, Cisco, Rackspace, HP, Constant Contact and more, and spanning verticals including web, financial services, telecommunications, logistics and government.

Other companies:

URimagination , a group of peers, highly qualified, dedicated and motivated professionals, and with huge passion for open source technologies and projects such Apache Hadoop Big Data Platform, OpenSuse, Casandra and more, offers services to enhance performance of your applications and databases at quite a low cost. Our emphasis is to provide remote database services and thereafter-remote database monitoring of your business program. We provide competent services in Oracle, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Hbase, MongoDB, DB2, and many more for commercial and government institutions, check our servicesservices Palomino provides ongoing operational support, as well as consultation on architecture, installation, configuration and tuning of Cassandra, as well as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Riak, Couchbase, HBase and MongoDB. Ongoing support contracts are proactive, tightly integrated with 24x7 tier 1 and 2 support.

{{}} Impetus Technologies is a thought leader in Big Data working exclusively for ISVs and large enterprises. Impetus offers services around Cassandra and has supported multiple organizations in rolling out Cassandra based solutions.

Impetus’ initiatives and implementation experience include- 1. JPA Compliant, Polyglot NoSQL Client & Object Mapper (Kundera)- An annotation based Java library for Cassandra database ( ). 2. CassUI- A web-based database browser for the Cassandra NoSQL database. It is helpful in managing databases in remote deployments, particularly in Cloud environments ( More details- ONZRA has been around for over 10 years and specializes on enterprise grade architecture, development and security consulting services utilizing many large scale database technologies such as Cassandra, Oracle, Alegro Graph, and much more.

Venarc, Southern California's leading Open-source development house. We have expertise in Apache Cassandra™, Spring, and JAVA. We have the experience to guide you in the right direction for your high availability software and hardware needs.|Cubet Technologies-experts in Cassandra, MongoDB, noSQL, Railo, Scala Cubet Technologies have an expert team of engineers in Cassandra, NoSQL, Hbase, MongoDB, Railo, Scala, etc|Sohum Inc Sohum Inc We provide onsite, turnkey design, implementation consulting services for bigdata technologies such as hadoop, cassandra. We have developed expertise in transitioning existing and tradtional databases to bigdata technologies. For an initial technical review, contact us at inquiry<at> Workware Systems Our passion is building and supporting analytic software solutions for Adaptive Case Management (ACM) challenges at law enforcement, intelligence and other Government agencies. Our Cassandra-based platform, WorkwareOne™, allows us to develop highly-scalable solutions with the greatest level of technical and operational excellence. Contact us at info<at>

DB Team Limited We provide expert level consultancy services for performance tuning large Apache Cassandra Oracle and SQL Server databases. Contact us at admin<at>
Instaclustr provides managed Apache Cassandra hosting on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and SoftLayer. Instaclustr also provides expert-level consultancy and 24/7/365 enterprise support. Instaclustr dramatically reduces administration overheads and support costs by providing automated deployment, backups, cluster balancing and performance tuning. Winguzone provides affordable cost effective managed Apache Cassandra clusters hosting in major Clouds. All nodes are installed in different hardware facilities (a.k.a. availability zones, fault domains, pods) or even different data centers (depending on location). Combined with multiple replication factor your data remains safe and available even in a case of electricity/connectivity failure in one or even two facilities. Each cluster supports replication factor up to three, ensuring that cluster can tolerate failure of one third of nodes without consistency and data degradation and failure of two thirds of nodes without permanent data loss. OpenCredo is a pragmatic hands-on software and devOps consultancy with a wealth of experience in open source technologies. We are Datastax Certified experts and have been working with Cassandra since 2012. And so through our real-world experience, we can provide expertise in both Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. Contact us at

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