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Flowscript integration

  • don't use JS wrapping classes for widgets: they introduce yet-another-API which is sometimes confusing.
  • update the widgets' java public API so that it's more "Rhino-friendly" (check JavaBean conformance and add accessors where needed)
  • [DONE] implement an equivalent to the bookmark feature of V2, by a function property of the form that gets called at each request roundtrip

  • add helper methods to the Form class to create event listeners from JS functions
  • restrict the "cocoon" object that's available in the event handlers so that it does not provide response-related methods (sendPage etc)
  • [DONE] implement widget.getDefinition() (give access to form definition)

  • rename showForm() 'bizData' parameter to 'viewData' (a la v3):

Java code

  • [DONE] ignore the "action-command" attribute which is currently useless except for repeater-actions and row-actions

  • [DONE] implement widget states

  • [DONE] review widget states (maybe an output state is necessary)



  • write a form definition schema so that definitions can be optionally validated.
  • flatten the CForm-related component in cocoon.xconf. This will ease the transition to a non-Avalon container
  • restructure resources directory (group XSLs and put them into their own directories)
  • second wizard example - shows how one form that is used in several templates can be controlled by Flowscript
  • Review multi-form-per-page - does it work? - provide a sample
  • Update the tour block samples to be in sync with these changes

Requests for enhancement (not discussed and/or aggreed yet)

  • Enabled modify form define through api
    • I have a usecase for this too (RP): Depending on the content of a form, a dynamic number of actions can be triggered. The possible actions are stored in a database and have to be read out at form creation time and action-widgets have to be set dynamically.
  • Remove everything that has been deprecated (union/struct, old validators, ...)
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