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Quick HOW-TO documents to get to grips with particular chunks of functionality (in strict(-ish) alphabetical order), grouped into some broad categories.


  • UsingCInclude – How to use CInclude to include dynamic content to your pages.
  • CocoonProtocolExample – how to use the cocoon:/ protocol to combine data from multiple sources
  • ContentAggregationExample – Aggregate XML documents to generate a "table of contents" – AlexanderSchatten
  • CreateMinimalWebapp – Build a minimal, empty webapp suitable as a starting point for creating your own Cocoon-based web applications. – GeoffHoward
  • DataDebuggingTechnique – a technique for debugging data that goes through several transformers – IlyaAKriveshko
  • DebuggingWithViews – make minor modifications to an existing sitemap to enable debugging with views – ILinKuo
  • DebuggingCocoon – how to debug Cocoon itself (and your own components)
  • DesignPattern ECrud – how to create E-CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete + Search, Sort, Paginate, ...) application
  • DesignPattern Filtering – how to create multiple xml files from only one original with conditional filtering
  • DesignPattern Locator – how to design your pipelines in a loose coupling way
  • DesignPipelines – how to design your pipelines and matchers – ReinhardPoetz
  • SendingEmail – how to configure Cocoon to send email from within an XSP – AndrewSavory
  • ErrorHandling – how to add error handling to your SitemapLeighDodds
  • ExcelGeneration – how to generate XLS (MS Excel format) from Cocoon
  • FormValidationUsingCocoon – How to validate form input.
  • JarProtocolExample – how to use the jar:/ protocol to read data from a jar (or zip) file
  • Jars2exclude – how to write the XSL transformation "Jars2exclude" mentioned in CreateMinimalWebapp by GeoffHoward. Scherler.
  • LayoutTemplatePattern – how to use skins within Cocoon
  • MetaStylesheets – how to use meta-stylesheets (stylesheets that generate other stylesheets) in CocoonLeighDodds
  • MigratingFrom2.0.4To2.1dev – Move your 2.0.4 (or 2.0.X) Cocoon web applications to the newer alpha-alpha code for Cocoon 2.1 and exploit the new features. – StevenCummings
  • MigrateToCocoon2 – How to get that hard work you did for Cocoon 1.x to work on Cocoon 2.x without breaking a sweat or losing your mind. – MichaelTiffany
  • Modules – how to use modules (input, output and database) for Cocoon. For beginners – Mfonsen
  • UnderstandingCocoonMounts – How to mount sub-sitemaps.
  • OpenOfficeGeneration – How to use OpenOffice 1.0 files in the XML Generator. Vindevogel
  • Profiling – how to use profiling in Cocoon – ReinhardPoetz
  • Recipes – Code samples in a Problem/Solution approach (upload files, ...)--
  • Redirecting – how to redirect correctly – NicolaKen
  • RequestParameterEncoding – how to let Cocoon know what encoding to use when retrieving request parameters - BrunoDumon
  • RtfGeneration – how to generate RTF (MS Word-compatible format) from Cocoon
  • SimpleTransformations – how to configure Cocoon to do simple XSLT transformations.
  • TestingFramework – explains the framework for adding JUnit and other tests.
  • WebDAVBlock – Using WEBDAV with Cocoon
  • Woody – Documentation for the Woody form framework
  • XSLTC – how to use XSLTC in 2.0.3 – StephenNg


  • Midlets – How to get Cocoon to pass data to midlets (on J2ME platform)


  • DebugFlowScripts – how to visually debug flowscripts – rgardler
  • FileUploadsWithFlow – Handling file uploads with the Flow layer in Cocoon – TonyCollen
  • DownloadFilesToLocalDisk – How to download a flow to the local disk. – LionelCrine
  • WorkaroundForCOCOON-1579 – How to use rhino1.5r4-continuations-R26.jar in cocoon 2.1.10 and 2.1.11-dev

File Handling

  • FileUploadWithAction – how to use file upload and do the processing in an Action
  • FileUploadsWithCocoon – Overview and configuration of file uploads with Cocoon – GeoffHoward
  • ServingLargeFiles – how to serve really large files – Litrik
  • ServingStaticFiles – how to serve static files, e.g. applet jars, CSS files, images, etc.
  • SavingFilesToFileSystem – how to save files (e.g PDF) to the file system instead of sending them to the browser


  • GroovyWithSQLDatabaseAccess – how to use Groovy with SQL database access ? - olivier demah
  • GroovyGetFormsParameters – how to use Groovy to get values of parameters from Forms ? - olivier demah


Setup and Configuration

  • ConfiguringTheLogs – how to configure Cocoon logging – BernhardHuber
  • ExploringTheLogs – how to make sense of the Cocoon logs – BertrandDelacretaz
  • SettingTheJvmLocale – how to set the JVM to use the correct Locale – BertrandDelacretaz
  • EmbeddingSVGFonts – description of Cocoon-based tools that add the svg:glyph elements necessary to render its text elements on a client lacking the specif. – BruceRobertson
  • HowToBuildAndDeployCocoonWithMaven – how to integrate Maven with Cocoon
  • HowToForrestTransition – how to transition Cocoon docs to Forrest – DianaShannon
  • GzipXMLSerializer – description of a serializer that produces Gzipped XML output. Useful for generating *.svgz files, among other things. BruceRobertson
  • HostSelector – how to use the Host Selector in a live environment – ArjeCahn
  • Host Matcher – How to have virtual hosts served by Cocoon – Volkmar W. Pogatzki
  • HotDeploy – effective Cocoon development – KonstantinPiroumian
  • IntegrateAServlet – how to integrate an existing servlet either by reference, or by adding it to the Cocoon webapp.
  • JBossDeployment – how to deploy Cocoon on JBoss and Tomcat
  • LoadInEclipse – how to load Cocoon in Eclipse – SylvainWallez
  • OC4JDeployment – how to deploy Cocoon on Oracle Containers for Java/J2EE
  • PHPGenerator – how to get the PHP Generator working with Cocoon – TonyCollen
  • WebSphereV5.0Deployment – how to get Cocoon2 working with WebSphere v5.0 – GerhardFroehlich
  • HTTPsSources – using custom certificates for retrieving files over HTTPs – StevenNoels
  • JaxeCocoon – starting the Jaxe XML editor from Cocoon with java web start – HugoBurm


  • AuthWithTomcat – how to let the servlet container (Tomcat) handle authentication and authorisation
  • CocoonAndApache – how to serve static/legacy content with Apache Httpd and dynamic content with Cocoon – LeoLeonid
  • Cocoon%and%Apache%mod%gzip how to Use the mod_gzip with Apache to Compress SVG Files on the Fly – BruceRobertson
  • CocoonAndApacheModRequest – how to Use Apache mod_request to provide client-side cache of Cocoon content – BruceRobertson
  • ApacheModProxy – how to configure Apache mod_proxy as a front-end to Cocoon by PierFumagalli (Original emails part #1 and #2).
  • TomcatWin32Service – how to install Tomcat as win32 service
  • CocoonEasyInstallation – how to setup Cocoon as default host under Tomcat in Linux _ – Volkmar W. Pogatzki_
  • WindowsTomcatCocoonInstallation – how to setup Cocoon 2.1.X under Tomcat 4+ in Windows.
  • WindowsCocoonAdvancedInstallation – how to install Apache Cocoon combined with Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat and, optionally, MySQL on Windows 2000/XP. The document also provides an example application (source) showing how to present an XML document in HTML, WML and PDF. – Martin Bouman & Richard Korthuis

Databases (including XML)


Exist / Xindice





  • CVSMigration – On 9 March 2003, the Cocoon CVS module, 'xml-cocoon2', was split up into 'cocoon-2.1' and 'cocoon-2.0' modules. This How-To describes how to update your old xml-cocoon2 checked-out module. – Jeff Turner
  • CvsAndFirewalls – how to get the CVS code through your friendly neighborhood firewall. – BertrandDelacretaz


  • HowWeUseBugzilla find information and hints how we use Bugilla and also find some standard queries

Committers corner

  • CocoonReleaseHowTo – so you want to do a release?
  • CocoonWebsiteUpdate
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