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Herein we see a page on which each commons committer is listed, with their area of interest. The idea being that we can tell where our awareness is (rather than just simple activity as generated by svn scripts).

'Active' means you are an active developer, 'Interested' effectively means you are an active user, and 'Future' means you plan to get involved at some point in the future.

Rahul Akolkar

  • Active: SCXML
  • Interested: Commons-build, Validator
  • Future: Resources, Digester

Martin van den Bemt

  • Active: varies
  • Oversight: feedparser (applying patches)
  • Interested: csv, email, fileupload, io, beanutils, dbutils, betwixt

Jeff Brekke

  • Active: net
  • Interested: vfs, configuration, lang, collections, io, betwixt
  • Future:

James Carman

  • Active: Collections, Proxy, BeanUtils, Lang
  • Interested: Digester, Logging, Pool
  • Future:

Stephen Colebourne

  • Active: Lang, Collections, IO
  • Oversight: Primitives
  • Interested: Codec
  • Future: Id, Convert

Martin Cooper

  • Active:
  • Interested:
  • Future: JS2J

Mark Diggory

  • Active: Math, Commons-build
  • Interested: Configurator, Digester
  • Future: JavaFlow, Jelly, Workflow

Oliver Heger

  • Active: Configuration
  • Interested: Lang, Jelly
  • Future: Resources

Mario Ivankovits

  • Active: VFS
  • Interested: compress, net
  • Future:
  • Outside Commons: MyFaces

Simon Kitching

  • Active: Logging, Digester
  • Interested: Betwixt, Collections, Lang
  • Future:

Dennis Lundberg

  • Active: Commons-build, Logging
  • Interested: DbUtils, Lang
  • Future:

Sandy McArthur

Tim O'Brien

  • Active: Codec
  • Interested: SCXML, *
  • Future: CLI

Niall Pemberton

  • Active: Resources, Validator, BeanUtils
  • Interested: Chain, FileUpload, Collections
  • Future: SCXML

Brett Porter

  • Active: Exec, OpenPGP, Jelly
  • Interested: IO
  • Future: JCI, Compress

Jörg Schaible

  • Active: IO, Lang, VFS
  • Interested: CLI, Collections, Logging
  • Future:

Phil Steitz

  • Active: Math, Pool, DBCP
  • Interested: Lang, Collections
  • Future:

Henri Yandell

  • Active: Lang, CLI, DbUtils, CSV
  • Interested: Codec, IO, Collections, Math
  • Future: BeanUtils, DBCP, Pool

Rory Winston

  • Active: Net
  • Interested: Validator, SCXML, DBCP, Math

Emmanuel Bourg

Matt Benson

  • Active: JXPath, Lang, Functor
  • Interested: Collections
  • Future: new components

Siegfried Goeschl

  • Active: Exec
  • Interested: Email

Simone Tripodi

  • Active: Digester, Discovery, Pool
  • Interested: Collections, Proxy
  • Future: new components
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