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Commons-Pool provides a generic object pooling interface, a toolkit for creating modular object pools and several general purpose pool implementations.
A lot of information is available on the Pool website. If you don't find the information you need you can always contact us using one of the mailing lists.

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Q: How can I reinitialize GenericObjectPool after a network failure? (factory = PoolableConnectionFactory)

Q: If I have multiple threads calling into my method which contains the borrowObject call, do I have to synchronize around this, or are borrowObject and returnObject thread safe?

A: It's implementation dependent. The implementations that come in the official download are thread safe. Of course it is possible this may change in the future if new implementations are added to the package. Be sure to check the JavaDocs.

Q: What is the general purpose of pooling Interfaces ?

A: ''You don't pool interfaces but objects implementing the interfaces. An object pool is used to reduce the cost of creating/destroying the pooled object (memory,CPU and other resources). Commons-Pool provides several general purpose implementations of different pooling strategies. See also developers guide.


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