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Commons Validator is an input validation component devised (originally) by David Winterfeldt as an addon for the Struts framework. It's functionality has since been split so that validator can serve as the basis for a independant component and is now part of Jakarta Commons.

Initially this wiki will serve both Struts validator and Commons Validator users.

Validator Releases

Validator Information

  • Official Documentation
  • FAQ - Tired of writing validator tips down on a piece of paper, or saving emails with code snippets? DON'T ! Keep your validator notes on the Validator FAQ Wiki, and get the benefit of other users experience and share your own. Never lose your notes when you change jobs, or are working at a remote site !
  • Examples - Contribute Examples for Validator Use! - share custom validators that you have developed, or collaborate on developing new custom validators. You can even lobby to get these extensions made a part of the official Validator component!
  • Resources - Resources on the web about using Commons Validator.
  • Wish list - Wish list of features


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