How to cut a new Apache Empire-db release.

This document explains how to cut a new empire-db release. Since we normally do this in Linux I expect you to have a Linux enironment at hand. For windows users Cygwin might be a solution. This document is based on the Maven release documentation.

The general incubator release guide is available here:
but since we are out of incubation the docs are here:
The apache central maven repo release guide is available here:

The release process takes about one hour to perform, don't do this in a hurry as it is important to perform each step in the correct order!

Before you get started


Make sure your system is set up correctly and that you have the needed credentials

  • you have all Maven servers defined in your settings.xml. For more information, please refer to Committer settings. This is what mine looks like:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
        <!-- To publish a snapshot of some part of Maven -->
        <!-- To publish a website of some part of Maven -->
        <!-- To stage a release of some part of Maven -->
        <!-- To stage a website of some part of Maven -->
          <id>stagingSite</id> <!-- must match hard-coded repository identifier in site:stage-deploy -->

Make sure maven pom is setup correctly

Please review the maven release process here:

Publishing Maven Releases to Maven Central Repository - Apache Infrastructure

The following versions of JDK and Maven should be used:

JDK:  Java Version 1.8.0_202

Maven:  Apache Maven 3.3.9 or later

Creating a new RC

Update the changelog file

Edit CHANGELOG.txt in you favorite editor and add the closed issues for this release. Info can be exported from jira.

Go to:
In the versions due section go to the version you want to release
Click on release notes
Configure release notes to text
Copy the notes to our CHANGELOG.txt

Prepare the release

Make sure your code is up to date, builds, is available in your snapshot repository and has no local changes

You will be asked about the release versions. Make sure you enter a correct tag: apache-empire-db-[version]-rc[nr]. Once the release vote passes we can then copy this -rcX tag to the final version tag.

>mvn clean install
>mvn clean release:clean
>mvn release:prepare -Papache-release
[INFO] Checking dependencies and plugins for snapshots ...
What is the release version for "Apache Empire-db Parent"? (org.apache.empire-db:empire-db-parent) 2.0.5: : 
What is SCM release tag or label for "Apache Empire-db Parent"? (org.apache.empire-db:empire-db-parent) empire-db-parent-2.0.5: : apache-empire-db-2.0.5-rc3
What is the new development version for "Apache Empire-db Parent"? (org.apache.empire-db:empire-db-parent) 2.0.6-SNAPSHOT: : 
[INFO] Transforming 'Apache Empire-db Parent'...
[INFO] Updating empire-db to 2.0.5

INFO: If during this prepare you get some subversion related errors, try to do an "svn update" and calling "mvn release:prepare" again. This will then continue the release preparation from where it stopped. You might have to do this multiple times!

If anything goes wrong during the release you can do a rollback:

>mvn release:rollback

Also run a svn diff/revert to make sure your working copy is clean

Perform the release

This step will upload the artifacts the the staging repository

>mvn release:perform

Close the staging repository

  1. Go to: and
  2. log in
  3. Select "Staging repositories"
  4. Find the newly created repository and select "Close"

Follow the steps as described on (Close the staging repository)

Create Distribution checksums

The distribution files are now located in target/checkout/empire-db-dist

In order to create the checksums use:

>cd target/checkout/empire-db-dist (we want to have the same artifacts in the dist as in the repo) > SHATool -H %target%\apache-empire-db-%1.pom
> SHATool -H %target%\apache-empire-db-%1.pom
> SHATool -H %target%\apache-empire-db-%1-dist.tar.gz
> SHATool -H %target%\
All Done. Files available in ./target

Upload the Distribution

Finally upload the generated files + rat report to the distribution directory using svn.

as explained here:

Initiate a vote

Docs here:

The vote mail should look like this:

Subject: [VOTE] Release Apache Empire-db 2.0.5 (rc3)


We have just prepared a 2.0.5 release and we are now looking for approval of the PMC to publish the release.
More info on release requirements can be found here:

These are the major changes from our previous 2.0.4 release:

  • xxx
  • xxx


Git tag:;a=tag;h=6dbaa5a7a70655805385508546f2a3bfb744b70e

Maven staging repository:

Distribution files are located here

Rat report for the tag is available here:

Vote open for 72 hours.

[ ] +1
[ ] +0
[ ] -1

Make sure you provide the correct paths!
Now wait for the vote to succeed.

Unsuccessful vote: roll back changes on trunk

  • Drop the staging repository in nexus
  • Update the local code
  • Use the maven versions plugin to roll back the version update

    > mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=2.0.7-SNAPSHOT -Papache-release -DgenerateBackupPoms=false
  • Commit the project
  • Go to the create new RC step

Successful vote: Promoting the RC as release

Copy RC tag to release tag

Just use your prefered subversion tool to copy the rc tag to the final release tag
apache-empire-db-2.4.4-rc1 -> apache-empire-db-2.4.4

git show apache-empire-db-2.4.4-rc1
# copy the commit checksum, in this case 83c8fb2f7ed658aa788ccb49b3d3d4484c107a99
git tag -a apache-empire-db-2.4.4 83c8fb2f7ed658aa788ccb49b3d3d4484c107a99 -m "copy apache-empire-db-2.4.4-rc1 -> apache-empire-db-2.4.4"

Promote the nexus staging files

Log in to nexus as described above,

Go to: and log in
Follow the steps as described on
(go to the staging section, right click on the staged release and select release)

Set up new release in JIRA / close old one

Move the release files to the dist location

Docs here:

  1. svn checkout empire-db-dist-release
  2. Create a subdirectory with the version number (i.e. 2.0.5)
  3. Copy all distribution files from your apache home directory to that directory (.zip, .tar.gz, .asc, .md5, .sha)
    scp* .
  4. remove old releases: should contain only the latest release
  5. commit to the subversion repo
  6. Wait before files become available on the mirrors

Release to Maven from the staging repository

  1. Go to: and
  2. log in
  3. Select "Staging repositories"
  4. Find the repository and select "Release"

Update the Empire-db website

this part needs an update as we are out of the incubator/snvpubsub

  1. Check out or update the Empire-db website source files from
    svn checkout
  2. Update the doap_Empire-db.rdf file, add new version
  3. Edit Pages with html editor (I am using Microsoft Expression Web)
  4. Open page downloads/latest.htm and copy section with previous release files to downloads/previous.htm.
  5. Make sure the links to previous versions point tot the archive
  6. In downloads/latest.htm replace all references to the old version number with new version number.
  7. Update news.html
  8. do a svn delete on javadocs/empire-db
  9. commit
  10. recreate the empire-db folder
  11. fetch the new javadoc jar from
  12. extract into the javadocs/empire-db folder
  13. svn add the empire-db folder
  14. Commit all changes to svn repo.
  15. Wait some time for changes to become available on the mirrors.

Announce release

Send an E-Mail to

Important: The e-mail must be sent from an apache e-mail account. It is sufficient if the from address contains an apache mail account.
Put and mailing lists in cc.

Start the mail as follows:

Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Empire-db xxx released

The Apache Empire-db team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Empire-db version xxx.
Apache Empire-db is a lightweight data access and persistence component for relational databases based on JDBC.

Main improvements listed below:

[add description and list of changes]



Thank you for your interest in Apache Empire-db!

The Apache Empire-db Team.

Maybe send the release to some other sites as well (dzone) / do a blog post about it...