Welcome to the Apache Geronimo wiki. This site contains the project documentation for all the available releases of Apache Geronimo. It is organized in several categories grouped by content. Here you will find user's guide, sample applications, geronimo specific development documents, presentations, FAQ's as well as project management related documents.

This wiki is developed and maintained by the Apache Geronimo community, your contributions are greatly appreciated. Contributions to this wiki are managed the same way as code contributions, that means all content on this site (see Geronimo cwiki documentation architecture for a list of conforming spaces) is Apache Software Foundation copyrighted and available under the Apache License.

Available releases

Apache Geronimo v3.0
Documentation Work in progress - initial seed of data from Geronimo 2.2 on 5/11/10

Apache Geronimo v2.2
Documentation Work in progress - initial seed of data from Geronimo 2.1 on 8/20/08

Apache Geronimo v2.1
Documentation Work in progress

Apache Geronimo v2.0

Apache Geronimo v1.2

Apache Geronimo v1.1
Includes Geronimo v1.1.1

Apache Geronimo v1.0

Documentation development

How to contribute to the project's documentation

Tips for writing and formatting documentation

Geronimo cwiki documentation architecture

Project management

Apache Geronimo Project Management


Apache Geronimo Development

Apache Geronimo Knowledge Base

Apache Geronimo Wiki SandBox

Presentations, Video, Audio, Demonstrations

Presentations, Videos, Audio, and Demonstrations - multimedia, webcasts, etc.

Sample applications

Apache Geronimo Sample Applications



Apache Geronimo v2.0 - JA

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