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This page contains notes taken while installing a new Ubuntu machine on VMWare in January 2011 - the new machine is named vmgump2

vmgump2 runs Ubuntu 10.4 on a VMWare virtual machine and will be used to run Gump on top of Apache Harmony.

The installation procedure is pretty similar to that of VmgumpConfig so only the differences are noted here.

Debian packages installed via apt-get

subversion cvs mercurial bzr git-core darcs nant autoconf automake curl unzip apache2 libtool mysql-server mysql-client python-mysqldb mono-mcs g++ mailutils

This pulls in lots and lots of dependencies including X and Mono.

Note there is no OpenJDK.

Other Dependencies

no real differences to VmgumpConfig, but things are in /x1/opt rather than /opt.

create the Gump user

same as VmgumpConfig

create the Gump directory structure

Other Dependencies

no real differences to VmgumpConfig, but things are in /x1/srv rather than /srv. Checked out Gump's trunk instead of the live branch, i.e.

~$ cd /x1/srv/gump/public
/x1/srv/gump/public$ sudo -u gump svn co gump

create a testbed workspace

similar to VmgumpConfig but the file names are /x1/srv/gump/public/gump/metadata/vmgump2.xml and /x1/srv/gump/public/gump/cron/ the later contains:

export GUMP_WORKSPACE=/x1/srv/gump/public/gump/metadata/gump
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.6.0
export MAVEN_HOME=/x1/opt/maven
export M2_HOME=/x1/opt/maven2
export M3_HOME=/x1/opt/maven3
export MVN_PROXY_HOME=/x1/opt/repoproxy

export LANG=en_US.utf8
export PATH=$PATH:$MAVEN_HOME/bin:$M2_HOME/bin

run the test build

waiting for Harmony

gump@vmgump:/srv/gump/public/gump/cron$ ./

make the results world-visible

just like VmgumpConfig

make it a real Gump instance

help CVS

can be done before starting the Gump run, see VmgumpConfig

help Maven 1.x

waiting for Harmony

see VmgumpConfig

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