For detailed instructions on how to build DRLVM, refer to Getting Started for Contributors. Find additional information in README.txt in the source tree.

1. Command line is over maximum length without specifying source file

The root cause of this error message is limitation of cpptasks.jar (aka CCTask). The limitation can be lifted by patching the getMaximumCommandLength() function in net/sf/antcontrib/cpptasks/devstudio/ to

getMaximumCommandLength() { return 65535;}

The issue was fixed in cpptasks version 1.0b4.

Solution for DRLVM Build:

  1. Make sure you don't have cpptasks.jar in ant/lib 2. Make sure that CPPTASKS_HOME environment variable is not set 3. Remove drlvm/trunk/build/make/tmp and drlvm/trunk/build/pre-copied directories 4. Run 'build.bat update' once again

2.'Link' complaining

The DRLVM Windows build assumes the first 'link' program in the PATH to be Microsoft Linker from the Visual Studio .Net 2003. It may not be the case if Cygwin's /bin/link is installed.

Solution: remove /bin/link from c:\cygwin\bin

3. Hang-up of a build when using Intel Compiler on Windows

It seems that build process hangs because of another cctask bug, introduced in version 1.0b4.

Workaround 1: Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager window, find one of the icl.exe, xilib.exe, xilink.exe process and terminate it. The build process will continue. If the build hung again, repeat the process

Workaround 2: Use cpptasks.jar version 1.0b3. However, in this case you will have to handle the 'maximum command line length' problem, see Command line is over maximum length without specifying source file

4. Undefined Properties

The property C:\work\vm-harmony\vm\tests\smoke\classloader\ is not defined. The property common.depends.on.targets is not defined.

These or similar messages may indicate that you have an older version of ant-contrib installed in the $ANT_HOME/lib directory. To ensure that it uses correct version of ant-contrib, the build system downloads and uses its own private copy of ant-contrib.jar, in make/tmp directory.

Solution: upgrade your $ANT_HOME/lib/ant-contrib.jar or delete it and let the build system download a correct version for you.

5. Ant get error

If you do not have permission to access, you will receive the following error when you execute build.bat update:

C:\Harmony\trunk\working_vm\build\make\build.xml:240: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Harmony\trunk\working_vm\build\make\setup.xml:268: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Harmony\trunk\working_vm\build\make\setup.xml:270: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Harmony\trunk\working_vm\build\make\setup.xml:444: Can't get to C:\Harmony\trunk\working_vm\build\pre-copied\archives\win\APR\

Solution: You can update working_vm/build/make/ and change all _ to _, like this:


6. <something> does not denote a ProcessorDef

The build may complain about subject, like this:

c.compiler doesn't denote a ProcessorDef 

Workaround: Copy cpptasks.jar from the vm build to <ANT_HOME>/lib directory.

Note: If you use cpptasks version 1.0b3, this workaround conflicts with solution for 1. Command line is over maximum length without specifying source file problem (above).

7. Ant says no supported regular expression matcher found

This complain happens on freshly installed Ubuntu 7-10 (Gutsy):

No supported regular expression matcher found: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

Solution is to install one extra package:

sudo apt-get install ant-optional
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