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ActiveMQ: A high performance JMS message bus

A proposal for a distributed message broker as a sub project of Geronimo.


The Geronimo project is currently using ActiveMQ as its JMS provider. Currently ActiveMQ is hosted at Codehaus, has a stable codebase and a large and vibrant community.

This proposal moves the existing ActiveMQ community to Apache as a sub-project of Geronimo so it can better integrate with the rest of the Geronimo and Apache communities and to simplify the work of the J2EE TCK.


The initial source comes from the ActiveMQ project. To simplify the incubation process we'll include the ActiveIO and ActiveCluster codebase as well as modules in ActiveMQ. Once inside Geronimo we may refactor the code into more usable modules - e.g. we'd like to merge the clustering code with WADI.


  • New SVN module inside Geronimo SVN repo (activemq)
  • Mailing Lists (activemq-dev, activemq-user)
  • Official Build Systems



The ActiveMQ community is a healthy meritocracy with plenty of developers.


The ActiveMQ community is vibrant - see the mailing lists.

e.g. in the last year there has been almost 3000 mails to the user list.

Core Developers:

The core developers are a diverse group of developers many of which are already very experienced open source developers. There is at least one Apache Member together with a number of other existing Apache Committers along with folks from various companies.


ActiveMQ is already an integral part of Geronimo.


ActiveMQ is already licensed under Apache License 2.0


Orphaned products:

ActiveMQ is still a crucial part of Geronimo and under heavy active development.

Inexperience with open source:

Most of the comitters have a proven track record in open source at Apache and Codehaus.

Homogenous developers:

There are developers from various companies: BetFair, BeVocal, Chariot, IBM, LogicBlaze, Mergere, MortBay, ThoughtWorks, Virtuas

See the team page for more detail

No ties to other Apache products:

ActiveMQ is already part of Geronimo and intends to be a sub-project of Geronimo.

A fascination with the Apache brand:

We are moving to Apache to grow closer ties with the Geronimo project.


Current Apache Committers

  • Aaron Mulder
  • Alan D. Cabrera
  • Brian McCallister
  • Dain Sundstrom
  • David Jencks
  • Greg Wilkins
  • Hiram Chirino
  • James Strachan
  • Jason van Zyl
  • Peter Royal

Non-Apache Committers

  • Adrian Co
  • Dag Liodden
  • Darwin Flores
  • Dennis Cook
  • Frederick Oconer
  • Guillaume Nodet
  • Joe Walnes
  • Jonas Lim
  • Joseph Gapuz
  • Max Kington
  • Merwin Yap
  • Michael Gaffney
  • Patrick Villacorta
  • Peter Brooke
  • Ramzi Saba
  • Rob Davies
  • Tatu Saloranta


  • Geronimo


  • Brett Porter
  • James Strachan
  • Jason van Zyl
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