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At ApacheCon US in Austin in October, we have a slot on Thursday afternoon (4:30pm-6:30pm) to introduce podlings to the broader ASF community.

We'll give priority to already accepted and active podlings; but if someone has an Incubator proposal they'd like to discuss and we have space for it, that's cool too. And, if a 'graduated' ASF project wants to get up there, that's fine, too. (Many people don't have a clue what a bunch of TLPs are up to anyway.)

Length: 5 to 15 minutes (depending upon how much time is available)

Interested Podlings

  • Leo on why you should incubate and why you shouldn't
  • Trinidad; Matthias
  • Synapse; Paul
  • Qpid; Carl
  • XAP; Coach
  • Abdera; Garrett
  • Tuscany; Jeremy
  • ActiveMQ; Brianm
  • CeltiXfire; Dan Diephouse
  • Apache Harmony ; Geir
  • UimaProposal; Marshall Schor (Note: this is in the proposal stage)
  • Solr; Yonik Seeley, Chris Hostetter
  • Cayenne; Bill Dudney
  • OpenEJB; David Blevins
  • OpenJPA; Neelan Choksi
  • Ode; Matthieu Riou & Alex Boisvert
  • Graffito; Jukka Zitting
  • Lokahi; Steve Toback
  • Heraldry; Ted Leung
  • JiniProposal; Jim Hurley (Note: this is in the proposal stage)

Interested TLPs

  • Apache Jackrabbit; Jukka Zitting
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