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Main Terms

  • Artifact – An entity in a repository (e.g. junit-3.8.1.jar)
  • Group – A logical collection of artifacts (e.g. junit)
  • Repository – A physical collection of artifacts (local or remote, e.g.
  • Version – A number representing a variant of an artifact. In most cases it is split into major, minor, and revision numbers (
    • Major – describes a change in the API of the artifact, there is no guarantee that the API is still compatible with other versions with a different major
    • Minor – describes a change in the API of the artifact, the API is still compatible to other versions with the same major
    • Revision – mostly small fixes and additions of the API

Subsequent Terms

  • Hierarchical Repository – A repository with groups
  • Flat Repository – A repository where artifacts from all groups are at the same level
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