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This presumes that the Incubator has made the decision to retire a podling (with the Incubator PMC, podling and sponsoring part of the ASF all agreeing). The following needs to be done (largely in this order):

  1. Inform -dev/-user mailing lists of the decision
  2. If JIRA: Move the JIRA project to a Retired category and Retired (read-only) permissions (ASFInfra JIRA)
  3. If Bugzilla: Close the project in Bugzilla so new issues cannot be created (ASFInfra JIRA)
  4. Make the wiki read-only (ASFInfra JIRA)
  5. Update the website to indicate that the podling is retired
  6. Move the podling to the Retired section of the Incubator site
  7. Update the Incubator status page
  8. Make the SVN read-only
    1. Remove entries from asf-authorizaton - this makes the directory rw to the Incubator PMC.
    2. Add entries to asf-mailer.conf and send mail to cvs at
  9. Ask that the mailing lists be shutdown (ASFInfra JIRA)
  10. Indicate the podling is closed down in the next board report and in incubator-info.txt
  11. If the podling is listed on the Incubator's ReportingSchedule, remove it from that listing.

It's important to view this as being the retiring of the podling community, not the code. Don't imply that the code is not for use - just that it has no community.

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