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The official list can be found here

Historical committers


Feel free to enter your own name and make a new page for yourself.

  • Martin Ramshaw - mramshaw at alumni dot concordia dot ca
  • Derek Baum
  • William Weber
  • Dion McMurtrie
  • Jonathan Carlson - jacarlco at katun dot com
  • HidetoTange
  • Keith Lancaster - klancast at swbell dot net
  • Berin Loritsch - bloritsch at apache dot oug
  • Bo Regnlin - bo.regnlin at pc dot nu
  • Giacomo Pati - giacomo at apache dot org
  • Gottfried Szing - gottfried at szing dot at
  • Jorg Heymans - jh at domek dot be
  • Raphael Luta - luta.raphael at networks dot vivendi dot com
  • Jean-Pierre Norguet - jnorguet at gmail dot com
  • Sean Dowd - sdows at arcmail dot com
  • Jonathan Kwadzo - sjkwadzo at praize dot com
  • Stefano Mazzocchi - stefano at apache dot org
  • Sturart Schmukler - stuart at personalmd dot com
  • Vlad Roubtsov - vroubtsov at illinoisalumni dot org
  • Benoît Wiart
  • Brad Kiewel
  • Brendan Burns
  • Burt Beckwith
  • Colin Mummery - equitysoft at iname dot com
  • Cyrus Montakab
  • David La France
  • DolfSmits -dolfsmits at zonnet dot nl
  • Giles Cope - gilescope at users dot sourceforge dot net
  • Kevin Hammond
  • Khor Soon Hin
  • Mark Walsh
  • Mike Verdone
  • T.Elanjchezhiyan - chezhiyan at siptech dot co dot in
  • Tom Schneider
  • Silvio Haldi
  • Martijn Blankestijn
  • GeorgeVarghese
  • Henryk Paluch - hpaluch at gitus dot cz
  • Lars Krog-jensen
  • Giuseppe C
  • Jonathan O'Keeffe
  • Carl Nygaard - cnygaard at google dot com
  • Thomas Barjou - tbarjou at henix dot fr
  • Oghie Sheehy - osheehy at fexcodcc dot com
  • Avinash Mangipudi - avirads at gmail dot com
  • Franco Sabadini
  • NaveenKumar Namachivayam
  • Graham Russell

I would like to express my deepest thanks to everyone who has contributed to JMeter.

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