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Clouds - The Lab

Description :

This project aims to be an architecture, testing and documentation
project for integrating Apache applications on top of outsourced or privately hosted cloud computing
infrastructures. It's aim is to enhance existing code to work better in this environment, provide
some of the glue needed to manage them, and test the resulting Apache Cloud Computing Edition stack
in some of the slowly emerging cloud infrastructures. It is multi-language, as a production system
will need to intergate with mod_proxy, CouchDB, as well as the Apache Java portfolio. It will
target Linux and other Unix platforms underneath only, and package and test on those

Clouds is an integration project developing a community space allowing

  • projects

    whether Apache or part of the wider open source ecosystem

    to work together

  • architects to discuss and document together
  • users to discover open source tools and products

Clouds - The Documentation

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"Architects like to use clouds in their diagrams to represent areas of
the net where complexity is too high to draw. A reasonable practical
definition for Cloud Computing is 'that computing which lives in those

Michael Peeters (apocryphally), Cloud Computing: Legal Issues For Business Users 2009

This statement may come as a little bit of a surprise for those expecting more aaS soup: Any and Everything as a Service.

This may not be a typical definition of Cloud Computing but it is a useful one for those building machines to live in the Cloud. Cloud computing is about building infrastructures and technologies which allow dynamic complexity and scalability to be effectively harnessed.

The Presentations

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CloudsThePresentations catalogs the open presentations collected by the Clouds labs. Collaborative development of open source presentations by Apache committers is encouraged in the subversion repository . The presentations cataloged may be maintained at Apache (in the Clouds Lab or elsewhere) or offshore.

Complimentary research papers are also cataloged .

The Jigsaw

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Clouds is collecting content
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The Cloud is nebulous

Pun intended

. It's often hard to see the bigger picture or where particular products fit within it. Lab Clouds aims to help.

At Apache, we like choice. Choice is good. Choice is also often confusing. Lab Clouds aims to help.

There is not - and will never be - The One True Apache Cloud Computing Stack. Apache (and the wider ecosystem) have a range of complementary and competing technologies which can be fitted together in various different fashions. Lab Clouds aims to help them fit like a Jigsaw without the use of a Hacksaw

Oops I did it again


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  1. Apache have a range of complementary and competing technologies which can be fitted together in various different fashions.