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Welcome to Apache Vysper at Apache Labs

What is it?

Vysper aims to be a full blown XMPP (=eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) server.
The core of XMPP is defined in the standards RFC3920 and RFC3921.

XMPP is more commonly known as 'Jabber'.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Vysper has moved. It is now a subproject of Apache MINA. This content will soon be moved, too.


xml processing
stanza processing


more tbd

Getting and compiling the sources

svn checkout

cd vysper

ant run-server

Using the server

Apache Vysper can run stand-alone or embedded.
It should work with any compliant XMPP client.
A test client is included with the project.

Extending the server

extending the server
using the disco service

XMPP extension roadmap