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This is a Wiki space for the Lucene Java library (https://lucene.apache.org/core/)

See PoweredBy for a list of software powered by Lucene.

See Support for a list of companies available for hire.

See FrontPage for content from the old Moin Wiki



We want to clean up the old Wiki content, in all 230 sub pages below the Old Moin wiki page.

If you are a PMC member you can edit directly. If you are not a PMC member but want to help, please email dev@ mailing list and we'll give you edit karma.

What you can do

  • Delete unnecessary pages such as "personal" profile pages that were used in MoinMoin. If you are unsure, move it as child of Pages to delete first
  • Promote up-to-date high-quality pages to sub pages of this page and link to them
  • Find other important but out-of-date pages, make them up to date and promote them to sub pages of this page
  • Identify content that should be moved to a new asciidoc guide inside the Git source tree, and move those underneath the Asciidoc guide candidates page
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