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How To Update The Lucene Java Website

This page is obsolete.

See New CMS Site Instructions

(NOTE: You need committer rights to modify the Lucene Website.)

There are two separate subversion repositories that hold the content for the Lucene java website (

In each case, Apache Forrest is required to generate the docs. You should install version 0.8. (0.8 requires Java 1.5 and will not work with 1.6). See [ Forrest FAQ] if you're getting "error: datatype library not recognized" errors during site build.

Unversioned site

The unversioned site contains all files directly under To make changes here:

  1. svn checkout site-unversioned
  2. cd site-unversioned
  3. Make your desired website changes to the source files in the subdirectory src/documentation
  4. Optionally, run forrest run and browse to http://localhost:8888 to review the changes and iterate. You should be able to modify the source documents and hit reload on your browser to see the changes.
  5. When you are satisfied with your changes, stop the forrest server and then regenerate the site by running forrest site
  6. Recursively copy build/site/* to docs/* by running cp -r build/site/* docs
  7. svn commit all changes (to the forrest sources and docs/*)

Versioned site

The versioned site contains all files under the release dir, as created during the release process. Run ant package to produce the binary release package, which contains the the Forrest-generated site, the javadocs, and the HTML-formatted versions of CHANGES.txt and contrib/CHANGES.txt (Changes.html and Contrib-Changes.html). ReleaseTodo contains publication instructions for the versioned site: copy the contents of the doc/ directory from the binary release package to

To make changes to the Forrest-generated site:

  1. svn checkout lucene-branch-X.Y (NOTE: this checks out the full lucene sources, not just the web site content, which is necessary for step 4 below)
  2. cd lucene-branch-X.Y/src/site
  3. Follow instructions 3, 4 and 5 above to make your changes
  4. svn commit all changes under src/site

Production push

After committing the changes, you just need to wait for Grant's nightly cronjob, which copies the versioned & unversioned files to*. Then the changes are pushed to Apache's main web servers (described at

Grant's cron job currently (as of 3/13/2009) looks like this:

03 6 * * * <OMITTED>/bin/ > /tmp/lucene-nightly.log 2>&1

And, looks like:

/usr/local/bin/svn export --force /www/
/usr/local/bin/svn export --force /www/

If the reason for updating the site was to post some sort of significant new news (e.g.: a release, a new committer, an upcoming talk, etc...) or to add completely new documentation consider sending out an announcement email to the java-user@, java-dev@, and general@ lucene mailing lists.

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