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MMM???? 2011, Apache Lucene™ 3.4.0 available
The Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Lucene 3.4.0.

Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine 
library written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly 
any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform. 

This release contains numerous bug fixes, optimizations, and
improvements, some of which are highlighted below.  The release
is available for immediate download at: (see note below).

If you are already using Apache Lucene 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3, we strongly
recommend you upgrade to 3.4.0 because of the index corruption bug on
OS or computer crash or power loss (LUCENE-3418), now fixed in 3.4.0.

See the CHANGES.txt file included with the release for a full list of

Lucene 3.4.0 Release Highlights:

  * Fixed a major bug (LUCENE-3418) whereby a Lucene index could
    easily become corrupted if the OS or computer crashed or lost

  * Added a new faceting module (contrib/facet) for computing facet
    counts (both hierarchical and non-hierarchical) at search
    time (LUCENE-3079).

  * Added a new join module (contrib/join), enabling indexing and
    searching of nested (parent/child) documents using
    BlockJoinQuery/Collector (LUCENE-3171)

  * It is now possible to index documents with term frequencies
    included but without positions (LUCENE-2048); previously
    omitTermFreqAndPositions always omitted both.

  * The modular QueryParser (contrib/queryparser) can now create

  * Added SynonymFilter, in contrib/analyzers, to apply multi-word
    synonyms during indexing or querying, including parsers to read
    the wordnet and solr synonym formats (LUCENE-3233).

  * You can now control how documents that don't have a value on the
    sort field should sort (LUCENE-3390), using SortField.setMissingValue.

  * Fixed a case where term vectors could be silently deleted from the
    index after addIndexes (LUCENE-3402).

Note: The Apache Software Foundation uses an extensive mirroring network for
distributing releases.  It is possible that the mirror you are using may not
have replicated the release yet.  If that is the case, please try another
mirror.  This also goes for Maven access.
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