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Support for Lucene

The following parties may be available for hire for Lucene support.

This listing is provided as a reference only. No endorsements are given or implied.

Entries are listed alphabetically by company or last name.

  • 30 Digits - Implementation, consulting, support, and value-add components (i.e. spiders, UI, security) for Lucene and Solr. Based in Germany (Deutschland) with customers across Europe and North America. <contact at>
  • Benipal Technologies - Bangalore, India based Big Data Analytics and High Volume Proprietary Search Provider offers consulting services in Specialized Search using Lucene / SOLR, AI Machine Learning and MapReduce / NoSQL.
  • Ed Kreiman <shabak at>
  • George Aroush <george at> (for Lucene.Net
  • Atilika - Lucene consulting, natural language processing (including CJK) and other custom R&D. Based in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Basis Technology Corp. Analyzers for various world languages (Please read this paper.)
  • Brox IT-Solutions
  • CNLP
  • DBSight
  • Doculibre Inc. Open source and information management consulting. (Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, Solr, Lius etc.) <info at>
  • eHatcher Solutions <erik at>
  • Flax Based in Cambridge, UK. Experts in all aspects of search development using open source technology (Lucene, Solr, Xapian, Stanford NLP) Contact us
  • Scott Ganyo <scott at>
  • Greg Gershman <greggersh at>
  • Christoph Goller <christoph.goller at>
  • Oleg Britvin /
  • William Grosso <wgrosso at>
  • Mark-Rüdiger Militz
  • Anshum Gupta <anshum at> Bangalore, India
  • Tom Hill <solr at>
  • IntraFind Software AG
  • Innovent Solutions Lucene and Solr Consulting, Training, and Support for enterprise, and eCommerce search and merchandising implementations.
  • Lucene Consulting - Lucene,Solr, Nutch, Hadoop consulting and development. Founded by Otis Gospodnetic, Lucene in Action co-author.
  • Lucid Imagination: Lucene/Solr support (including SLAs), training, value-add software and services. The team includes Erik Hatcher, Grant Ingersoll, Mark Miller, Sami Siren and Yonik Seeley.
  • Mark Miller
  • Moongate Technologies
  • Mufaddal Khumri <mufaddalkhumri at>
  • Octacom (Sweden)
  • OpenSource Connections Lucene and Solr expertise and search analytics; Co-authors of Solr 3.2 Enterprise Search Server and Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server; Department of Defense clearances; (703) 951-3175
  • Project Computing Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Sagire Software Oy - Enterprise Search solutions and consultancy for Solr/Lucene , located in Finland
  • Search Technologies, an international consulting firm focused on search engine implementation, with offices in Virginia, San Diego, Cincinnati, Boston, the UK, and Costa Rica. Contact
  • Sematext (Otis Gospodnetic, Lucene in Action and Solr in Action co-author) - Solr, Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, HBase, EC2. Lucene/Solr tech support, development and consulting services, and search products. Presence in North America and Europe.
  • Shailendra Sharma, CTO, Ver se' Innovation Private Limited ( Contactable at or
  • Sourcesense: Lucene, Solr, Hibernate Search: scalable enterprise solutions, consulting, training and kickstarts in UK, Italy, Netherlands. European partners of Lucid Imagination.
  • Superlink Software, Inc.
  • TNR Global, LLC: Lucene, Solr, migrations, intergration, systems design & architecture. Custom enterprise search development and consultations.
  • Tokenizer Inc., CANADA: Lucene SOLR Commercial Support (including SLAs & development support & custom builds), Hadoop, MapReduce, Nutch, BIXO, Cascading, Amazon EC2, LingPipe, GATE, HBase, LILY, Mahout, Weka, Liferay Portal, Oracle/WebLogic, and more. Cell: +1 (416) 993 2060, Fuad Efendi, contributor
  • Kelvin Tan <kelvint at>
  • Triona - Information und Technologie GmbH
  • Telesto Infotech
  • Karl Wettin (Sweden)
  • Wyona
  • Quo Vide BV, the Netherlands
  • Jonathan Simon <jonathan dot simon at yahoo dot com>
  • Hannes Carl Meyer, Meyer Information Management, Germany, <mail at>
  • RONDHUIT Co.,Ltd. Various tech support in Lucene/Solr with CJK handling, including Japanese morphological analysis. (English|Japanese)
  • Open Source Analysts Group (OSAGi)
  • Samir Abdou, Switzerland <abdou.samir at>
  • Michael Prichard <michael.prichard at>
  • Patrick Kimber, UK <patrick.kimber at>
  • Thomas Arni, Switzerland <thomas.arni at>
  • Antony Bowesman <adb at thorntothehorn dot org> Australia
  • Ian Lea, UK
  • Santhosh Kumar, Hyderabad India
  • BeyondTrees, The Netherlands; Search integration architecture, and performance optimizations
  • Jason Rutherglen (Bay Area, CA) - Realtime search optimization, Katta, Solr, Hadoop support
  • SearchWorkings <sales at> - HQ in Amsterdam (NL) & Berlin (GER), customers across Europe and Australasia. Dedicated to providing Apache Lucene and Solr expertise. Training, consultancy, development and support. Team includes Simon Willnauer, Martijn van Gronigen & Chris Male.
  • SD DataSolutions GmbH, Uwe Schindler (Bremen, Germany) - Lucene Java support (numeric search, geo search, new TokenStream API,...), <uschindler at>
  • Simon Willnauer Berlin, Germany: Consulting, Training and development. Hadoop, Lucene, Solr. <simon.willnauer at>
  • Dilisim - Provides search support for Turkish Language - Specializes in e-commerce and Near Realtime Search
  • Jagadeshwar Reddy - Lucene consulting and development. Develeoped solr implementations, on amazon cloud for thousands of hits with millions of items. Please email for a reasonable quote.

For more support options, see also Jakarta vendors list.

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