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Recent presentations:

Here are the slides from presentations about Nutch given by Doug Cutting:

  • serverside1.pdf: "Intranet Search with Nutch", 6 May 2004, TheServerSide Java Symposium, Las Vegas.
  • serverside2.pdf: "Applying Lucene to the Web", 7 May 2004, TheServerSide Java Symposium, Las Vegas.
  • www2004.pdf: "Nutch: Open Source Web Search", 22 May 2004, WWW2004, New York.
  • wos3.pdf: "Free Search: Lucene & Nutch", 10 June 2004, Wizards of OS, Berlin. (audio) (video)
  • pisa2.pdf: "Nutch: Open-Source Web Search Software", 29 November 2004, University of Pisa, Italy.
  • mapred.pdf: "MapReduce in Nutch", 20 June 2005, Yahoo!, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • oscon05.pdf: "Scalable Computing with MapReduce", 3 August 2005, OSCON, Portland, OR, USA
  • Presentation. "Scaling Nutch",22 September 2005, 5th International Web Archiving Workshop, Vienna.
  • haifa05.pdf: "Open Source Search", 5 December 2005, IBM IR Seminar, Haifa, Israel
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