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Welcome to the Portals Wiki

Apache Portals is a collaborative software development project dedicated to providing robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, and freely available Portal related software on a wide variety of platforms and programming languages. This project is managed in cooperation with various individuals worldwide (both independent and company-affiliated experts), who use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop Portal software and related documentation.

Portals Project - Official Site

Portals Mailing List Archive - a third-party site (Nabble) archiving all mailing lists from Portals and sub-projects into a searchable forum. Unlike the typical single-list archive, here you can browse or search all Portals discussions.

The Portals TLP is currently made up of:

Pluto Project Pluto's Wiki

Jetspeed-2 Jetspeed-2's Wiki

Portals Applications Applications Wiki

Portals Bridges Bridges Wiki

JetspeedMigration Migration steps to complete move of Jetspeed from Jakarta to Portals


ApacheCon EU 2008 Amsterdam: MeetupAmsterdam2008

ApacheCon EU 2009 Amsterdam: MeetupAmsterdam2009

ApacheCon US 2010 Atlanta: MeetupAtlanta2010


GemsProposal - Proposed Charter for the Portals Gems project.

Developer Pages

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