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Welome to the Pluto Wiki

Pluto is the Reference Implementation of the Java Portlet Specfication (JSR-168).

Portlets are designed to run in the context of a portal. They are written to the Portlet API which are similar to the Servlet API. A portlet container provides a runtime environment for portlets implemented according to the Portlet API. In this environment portlets can be instantiated, used and finally destroyed. The portlet container is not a stand-alone container like the servlet container; instead it is implemented as a thin layer on top of the servlet container and reuses the functionality provided by the servlet container.

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Mailing Lists

If you would like to find out more or become involved, please subscribe to the project's mailing lists.

There is also a Pluto user mailing list archive hosted at Nabble allowing easy browse and search.

Issue Tracking

Issues, bugs, and feature requests should be submitted to the Pluto Jira issue tracking system. Here is the list of Pluto's open issues.

Source Repository

The Pluto project uses Subversion to manage its source code. Instructions on Subversion use can be found at

To check out the latest source code, you should firstly install a Subversion client, and then use the following command:

svn checkout pluto

You may also browse the source repository online via web access.

Pluto 1.1 Architecture Ideas

  • /EmbeddingDerby
  • /AdminPortlets
  • /JavaServerFaces

Pluto V2 Prototype Architecture Ideas

Release Plans

  • /PlutoRelease113
  • /PlutoRelease112
  • /PlutoRelease111
  • /PlutoRelease110Beta1
  • /PlutoRelease101Rc3
  • /PlutoRelease101Rc2

Developer Pages

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