Setting Qpid Environment Variables

Qpid Deployment Path Variables

There are two main Qpid environment variables which are required to be set for Qpid deployments, QPID_HOME and QPID_WORK.

QPID_HOME - This variable is used to tell the Qpid broker where it's installed home is, which is in turn used to find dependency JARs which Qpid uses.

QPID_WORK - This variable is used by Qpid when creating all 'writeable' directories that it uses. This includes the log directory and the storage location for any BDB instances in use by your deployment (if you're using persistence with BDB). If you do not set this variable, then the broker will default (in the qpid-server script) to use the current user's homedir as the root directory for creating the writeable locations that it uses.

Setting Max Memory for the broker

If you simply start the Qpid broker, it will default to use a -Xmx setting of 1024M for the broker JVM. However, we would recommend that you make the maximum -Xmx heap size available, if possible, of 3Gb (for 32-bit platforms).

You can control the memory setting for your broker by setting the QPID_JAVA_MEM variable before starting the broker e.g. -Xmx3668m . Enclose your value within quotes if you also specify a -Xms value. The value in use is echo'd by the qpid-server script on startup.

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