This page contains an overview of future work areas for the Proton project. For a more detailed view of current work, please see the list of  Jira issues for upcoming releases.

Cross Language


  •  Events
    • make event API generic to the point that it can report events on any kind of object, not just a pre-defined set of engine object
    • add support for lifecycle events (initialize and finalize events)
  • Pooling
    • object pooling (patch in progress)
  • Full fidelity text based representation for AMQP type system


  • public codec API
  • establish good baseline benchmarks
  • measure/reduce copying
  • measure/reduce memory footprint
  • pooling
  • documentation/examples
  • frame based transport interface
  • full sasl integration


  • subscription API
  • routes API
  • "connection oriented" mode
  • reconnect/retry
  • persistence
  • transactions
  • add event based interface (depends on event stuff)
  • decompose internal functionality into separately usable components based on event bus:
    • connection pooling
    • flow control
    • message store
    • driver
  • documentation/examples

Java Specific

  • new codec implementation/API
  • callback sugar for events

C Specific

  • embedded usage
    • memory footprint
  • platform support
    • windows I/O


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