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Please note this page is present for reference only. QMan has been removed and is no longer a released component.

QMan : Qpid Management Bridge

QMan is a management bridge for Qpid. It allows external clients to manage and monitor one or more Qpid brokers.

Please note: All WS-DM related concerns have to be considered part of M5 release.

QMan exposes the broker management interfaces using Java Management Extensions (JMX) and / or OASIS Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM). While the first one is supposed to be used by java based clients only the latter is an interoperable protocol that enables management clients to access and receive notifications of management-enabled resources using Web Services.

QMan can be easily integrated in your preexisting system in different ways :

  • As a standalone application : in this case it runs as a server. More specifically it enables communication via RMI (for JMX) or via HTTP (for WS-DM); Note that when the WS-DM adapter is used the JMX interface is not exposed;
  • As a deployable unit : it is also available as a standard Java web application (war); This is useful when there's a preexisting Application Server in your environment and you don't want start another additional server in order to run QMan.

User Documentation

With "User Documentation" we mean all information that you need to know in order to use QMan from a user perspective. Those information include :



Get me up and running

How to install & start QMan.

QMan Administration Console

QMan (WS-DM version only) Administration Console.

JMX Interface Specification

Describes each JMX interface exposed by QMan.

WS-DM Interface Specification

Describes each WS-DM interface exposed by QMan.

QMan Messages Catalogue

Informational / Debug / Error / Warning messages catalogue.

Technical Documentation

If you are interested in technical details about QMan and related technologies this is a good starting point. In general this section provides information about QMan design, interfaces, patterns and so on...



System overview

A short introduction about QMan deployment context.

Components view

Describes QMan components, their interactions and responsibilities.

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