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Please note this page is present for reference only. QMan has been removed and is no longer a released component.

QMan Messages Catalogue

Each message produced by Qman has the following format :


Where :

  • <DATE> : The date and time at which the message was added;
  • <PRIORITY> : The priority level. Could be one of the following : DEBUG, WARN, INFO, ERROR, FATAL;
  • <MODULE> : The component which generated the log;
  • <MESSAGE-ID> : A message identifier. Each message has a unique id. It has the following format <QMAN-XXXXXXX>;
  • <MESSAGE> : The log message. Data recorded in this field should be ignored by analysis tools because it could change.

For example :

2009-02-12 15:20:44,971 INFO QMan <QMAN-000019> : Q-Man open for e-business.

Note that the log format described above is not fixed but could be configured using log4j. Obviously what mentioned above is referred to the default configuration shipped with QMan distribution.
The following is a list of all QMan messages divided by priority level.

Be Careful

QMan is under development so the list above could change easily...

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