How to build Apache Qpid CLI

Build Instructions - General

At the very beginning please build Apache Qpid by refering this installation guide from here

After successfully build Apache Qpid you'll be able to start Apache Qpid Java broker,then only you are in a position to use Qpid CLI.

Check out the Source

First check out the source from subversion repository. Please visit the following link for more information about different versions of Qpid CLI.


For the broker code you need JDK 1.5.0_15 or later. You should set JAVA_HOME and include the bin directory in your PATH.

Check it's ok by executing java -v !

Building Apache Qpid CLI

This project is currently having only an ant build system.Please install ant build system before trying to install Qpid CLI.


To compile the source please run following command

ant compile 

To compile the test source run the following command

ant compile-tests 

Running CLI

After successful compilation set QPID_CLI environment variable to the main source directory.(set the environment variable to the directory where ant build script stored in the SVN checkout).Please check whether the Qpid Java broker is up an running in the appropriate location and run the following command to start the Qpid CLI by running the qpid-cli script in the bin directory.

$QPID_CLI/bin/qpid-cli -h <hostname of the broker> -p <broker running port>
For more details please have a look in to README file which ships with source package of Qpid CLI.

Other ant targets

ant clean Clean the complete build including CLI build and test build.
ant jar Create the jar file for the project without test cases.
ant init Create the directory structure for build.
ant compile-tests This compiles all the test source
ant test Run all the test cases
For now we are supporting those ant targets.

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