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This page contains a list of Samza-related projects and tools. Please feel free to update it with contributions.  



Hello Samza

Hello Samza is a getting-started repository to show how a simple Samza project's code layout looks.


A DSL that builds DAGs on top of Samza. See hello-coast for examples.


Uses Luwak, a stored-query engine built on Lucene, to implement full-text search on streams.


Sample implementation of a Twitter-like newsfeed (users post messages to their followers) using Samza.


CQL based Clojure DSL for Apache Samza.

Hello Samza (Confluent)A version of Hello Samza (see above) that uses Confluent's schema registry and Avro serialization.
Hello Samza (Scala)A version of Hello Samza written in Scala. Contributed by Snowplow Analytics.
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